Line Camp

 IT’S HERE.....Day 1 of Line Camp!!!! The Whitehouse First Ladies are working hard preparing some exciting performances for our 50th Anniversary Football Season.

 1️⃣,3️⃣, 5️⃣, 7️⃣
The Sweethearts of Whitehouse started the morning out at the football stadium and ended the day in the dance room. Day 2 of line camp was a HOT one. A special shout out to Kona Ice. Thank you for keeping our First Ladies cooled down with this special treat. 

 With each Day the 50th Anniversary Line becomes more prepared for this upcoming year!! Lots of hard work and a little fun mixed in!! Today the little sisters got a cute, decorated water jug from their big sisters! Did you notice the umbrellas? The First Ladies are bringing back a tribute halftime performance from the 1st LINE of the KITTENETTES!! 

 The Whitehouse First Ladies have a BIG ANNIVERSARY to celebrate this year!!! 50 YEARS of Grace, Beauty and Charm! So excited to see them dance under the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS with their glittered CANDLES and all of the former First Ladies and Kittenettes all the way back from 1970!! Love this 50th Anniversary Line and all the hard work they are putting in this week! Day 4 of Camp was FANTASTIC!!! 

 WILDCAT COUNTRY is coming alive....Today completed the 50th Anniversary Line Camp 2019. Thank you so much American Dance/Drill Team for such a great week! We are so proud of the hard work this team put in!! Special thank you to Director Mrs. Norman and Assistant Director Mrs. VanBuskirk for your dedication to these young Ladies. Congratulations FIRST LADIES on your well deserved awards!! School begins in 3 weeks and we can’t wait to see y’all under the Friday Night Lights!